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What did you Ship this week?

May release

Make sure your remuneration strategies work perfectly by simulating them in sandbox mode. Play around with your campaign settings and test before launching.

As well as helping you adjust your remuneration plans and test different scenarios, this feature facilitates internal communication. Use it to train your new HR recruits and to involve your management in campaign simulations.

💡 To do so, after adjusting your settings, go to Configuration > Launch details > Launch campaign > Sandbox > Launch sandbox.

Harmonise your remuneration rules to build a uniform and fair model. Ideal if you have several subsidiaries, this feature allows you to adapt and customise your remuneration model.

💡 For example, you can make sure that no increase puts an employee above or below his or her salary range.

You can now manage bonus allocation in your salary reviews. Reward performance over and above fixed and variable pay directly in the platform.

💡 In your campaign configuration, activate the Bonus mode and define the eligibility of employees and managers for these bonuses.

April release

Gain the power to dynamically assign and reassign reviewers with ease, ensuring continuity and precision in employee evaluations, even during unforeseen changes.You can either do it by employee, selecting profiles that are concerned, or assign profiles to review to the reviewer directly.

💡 If choosing the first method, uncheck Automatic Hierarchy when assigning or reassigning reviewers to make the most of it.

Empower key stakeholders, such as HR BPs, with the ability to directly manage, oversee, and export data from specific campaigns, even without admin rights - ensuring flexibility, enhanced oversight and efficient operations..

💡To do so, go to Admin Users in your campaign > Add new campaign admins > Select the name in the drop down menu.

Set salary bands directly in local currencies for more accuracy in your compensation management, transparency, and alignment with regional compensation expectations - free from the hassles of currency conversion.