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What did you ship this week?

What did you Ship this week?


Introducing personalized email addresses like [yourcompany]@wequity.app. Centralize questionnaire-related info, delegate stakeholder engagement via a dedicated assistant, and streamline communication effortlessly.

Introducing a new template for EcoVadis gap analyses. Streamline sustainability assessments, ensure ESG compliance, and boost your Ecovadis ratings!

New template for the proposed EU directive on Green Claims. Validate sustainability credentials, streamline compliance, and boost credibility in environmental marketing.

New template for CSRD compliance. Streamline EU sustainability reporting, simplify assessment, and facilitate accurate reporting and strategic decision-making.

New template for SFDR compliance. Effortlessly align with EU sustainable finance regulations, ensure transparency, and enable informed decisions for sustainable investments.


New feature allowing users to request missing information from colleagues. Colleagues can then upload the required file via email.

Sustainability frameworks that allow for gap analyses are now accessible with just one click from your knowledge base.

New feature lets users access their search history in the knowledge base, displaying query details, responses, search dates, and information sources.

Empower yourself with the ability to export all gathered responses effortlessly in Excel format, allowing you to easily manage and analyze the information collected from questionnaires.